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Do you want your business to have a unique Brand Identity?

Do you want to create a remembering impression?

Plan Z will create a rare corporate design for your brand in a way that will leave a lasting impact on the minds. And we will make sure to reflect your business identity in every tangible element attached to it to generate intangible effects.

Being an identity agency group, Plan Z has a team of expert individuals, who will work collectively through an organized approach, to produce reliable results. Let us look at the process of creating a rare design for your brand:



Our initial phase involves a thorough research of your business. We look to answer the following questions:

  • What is your business?
  • In which category does it fall?
  • What is the message of your brand?
  • What does it aim? Or what is the vision of your brand?
  • What are the latest trends acceptable in the market?
  • Who are your latest competitions in the market?

We analyze the answers to these questions. After analysis and discussion, we put our heads together to come up with a plan to create your brand identity.

Quick Fact:  Clarifying your brand message leads to the quickest gains in terms of increasing sales and revenue.



Any brand is identified by its logo design in the first look. An attractive logo will retain in the minds. It is the initial and foremost element of the brand that will further shape the complete identity of your brand. Our next phase is to produce a rare design of the logo. Plan Z is an experienced identity agency group that will design your logo professionally to align it with the brand’s objective, aim, and vision. Our designers put their best efforts to produce your brand’s logo worth remembering.

This logo will be used as a measure to design further elements of brand identity.

Quick Fact:  Over 80% of business owners consider a logo design as an “expense”! On the contrary, it is a great “investment” in the success of your brand!



The logo will be attached with your brand directly. However, Icon can be your secondary identity marker. So, our next phase includes the formation of the brand icon for your business. Our team will ensure to design your icon parallel to the logo. For the portrayal of your business, this icon can be used on different apparel (embossed on jackets, wallets, t-shirts, etc.), products, social media handles, etc. It can also be turned into your company’s official stamp.

Quick Fact:  One of the primary reasons big brands seem to have awesome branding is that they use a secondary brand mark in a strategic way to enhance their brand identity!



Brand pattern, as the name suggests, is a pattern specific to your brand only. It will be associated with your business. Our next phase is to produce an exemplary pattern for your brand that can be a valuable addition to its identity. You can use the pattern over jackets, t-shirt (overall or as a sider), it can also be used on special products produced for promotions, like mugs, etc. Your brand pattern can be also utilized as a background on your social media handles. Concisely, you can use it anywhere you want to leave your marks on the crowd.

Quick Fact:  Official brand patterns are crucial to creating a branded perception and for beating competition in terms of look and feel!



Stationery serves as a daily need in any corporate setting. Even small details are valuable to create an influence. Hence, our keen observers plus designers work on the next step of brand identity creation by adorning the office stationery with your brand’s logo and icon. This includes customizing your business card, visiting card, envelope, yearly diary, creating an email signature, pen, pencil, etc. The items will be designed as per the color schemes you have chosen for your business. This will have a strong influence on your customers and clients on visiting your corporate settings.

Quick Fact:  Contrary to popular belief, business cards and official stationery still play a major part in creating the right kind of impression on prospects and customers.



In the present times, social media is the best platform for marketing your business. So, your presence there is important. Looking into the social media handles, we will customize your cover photo, display picture, posts background, website, etc. so these can display your brand’s image. Through social media you can be present virtually to a larger audience, creating impact through your identity.

Quick Fact:  Give this guide to vendors, sign makers, website designs, printers etc to achieve a consistent look and feel for your brand.



The primary task after solving the queries is the creation of a brand style guide. Your brand must carry a unique brand style that makes it stand apart. This includes a selection of color palettes, typography, photography style, etc. The selection of color palette involves choosing a primary and secondary color with some contrasting shades, it limits the designers to bring innovation using the selected colors only. This keeps the work decent yet creative.

Likewise, specific typography is used for representing your brand on every platform. The typography needs to be contrasted with the logo for better visuals. Hence, a packaged style guide for your brand is discussed and decided at this stage.

Quick Fact:  Contrary to popular belief, business cards and official stationery still play a major part in creating the right kind of impression on prospects and customers.


  • Our team will put their experience to design a strategy for your brand identity. We will create a rare corporate design and present the visual image of our work to your team.
  • After your approval, we will dedicate one of our best teams for practically implementing your project.
  • All the work will be carried out on Basecamp to ensure records of progress.
  • Our team, in coordination with your team, will design your brand’s style guide, including the color scheme, typography, picture style, and theme.
  • After that, within 10-11 business days, we will present 5 different logos to you with their origins and concepts.
  • After you select a single logo design, we will enhance it as per your choice.
  • Then, after your final approval, we will provide you the logo file in different formats.
  • Complementing the logo, our designers will generate an icon. Along which, your brand’s official pattern will be formed. All of this will be presented to you with relevant examples and practical implications in the market.
  • After your final decision, we will hand over the file formats of the above to you.
  • Completion of the logo, icon, and pattern will be proceeded with stationery designing. This will include the creation of contrasting business cards, pens, etc. following the selected style guide.
  • Again, the designs will be presented to you according to practical implication. After your desired changes and approval, we will deliver the file formats to you.
  • Subsequently, we will design content for your social media handles.
  • After your suggested alterations, we will hand the final designs to you so you may display your brand identity to the market.
The Guarantee

Let's hear what our past clients' say about us.

Super creative and responsive.

Always a pleasure working with them! Love the great ideas and creative designs from the team.
Shahzeb Younas
Marketing Director

Excellent services with creative art.

They develop the brand identity for Linton films, we are thoroughly impressed and would recommend them to anyone looking for an amazing brand identity.
Ayyaz Arshad Ansari
Digital Media Producer

Working with Plan Z was a pleasure!

They delivered an end result better than our expectations. More importantly our project required a lot of patience and attention-to-detail and we were not disappointed. 10/10 would recommend!
Abeer Jawed
Marketing Manager

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