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Corporate VideoProduction

Quality- corporate video delivers the message effectively to your audience and also engages your customers. Due to its storytelling elements, your target audience can relate to the mission and objectives of your company. Sharing high-quality video on social media makes it easier for the customer to understand your brand and know about your products in detail within a short period.

Surveys have proven that social media video marketing ROI is more profitable. Nearly 88% of marketers are satisfied with the results. Another survey shows that 78% of marketers said that videos have helped them in generating more traffic. Also, 54% have reported a higher profit in sales.

Return on Investment of Corporate Video

Conversion Rate

83% of marketers believe that video strategy has walked them to their goals.

72% of customers choose a video over reading the text.


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Animated Video

You can explain the usage of your product and services through animated videos. Customers can have a better understanding of your services through video. 2D and 3D animation reflects an original look. Whiteboard illustrations and motion graphics enhance the quality and dynamic graphics stick the audience to their screens.

Animated Logo

Your logo represents your company on every platform. Your logo communicates volumes to the audience. A unique logo can create a lasting impression. An animated logo enables your company to standout of the crowd. Motion graphics coupled with original ideas generate more traffic. Animating your logo is a great way to accelerate your product sales by attracting customers. Animation catches the attention and raises your product awareness. It appeals your audience and leaves a long lasting impression.


Website Demonstration

A short and simple video appears on clicking the services page of your website and gives a brief idea of your product and services – a great way to capture the audience and build customers.

Generally, people prefer watching a video instead of reading texts. It is more time-saving and convenient. Your customers will get the message and grab the understanding of your product in a short interval. Website demo video with quality graphics, videography or voiceover, can be a perfect guide for your services.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics allows you to explain complicated ideas and concepts to your target audience. It tells your brand story to your audience in an interesting way. Corporate motion graphics may carry lively text, 3D effects, vector animation, etc. The ideal length of motion graphics is 30-120 seconds and is perfect for gaining the attention and delivering the required information.


On-site Video

On-location corporate video production adds action to the task. It gives a real face to your business that shapes your customer’s trust and creates credibility for your brand in the market.

Corporate Marketing Video

Corporate marketing video communicates your brand to the market. It increases brand awareness and involves customers. You can publicize the corporate promotional videos on multiple platforms, like on your social media platforms, official website, etc. Content of such video can include a short clip of your working space, review of your clients, experience of your employees, etc. Marketing videos are a great idea to connect with your target customers and mark your brand in the market.


Review Video

For on-site content, you can interview your employees about their experience in dealing with customers. You can also ask your clients and take their feedback on the provided services. You can show a clip of employee and customer engagement. You can shoot the moment when your happy customer praises your work and shows their satisfaction. Capturing natural moments will add to trust-building with your prospective customer.

Product Demonstration

An on-location video shoot to describe your product can tell the usage of your brand to your audience. Your expert employee who knows the handling of product can demonstrate its use. It will give a credible outlook of your business. Your customer can easily understand the product management. A beneficial product demonstration video shows the actual representation of product usage with firsthand experience. Product demo videos created with quality can draw your customer’s attention to the product.


Event Coverage

You can take your videographers or camera with you to shoot during a live corporate event. Events can connect you with a large audience within a limited time. You can shoot small clips of the event that describes your interaction with the customer, chief speakers, interview of attendee, etc. You can share event coverage videos on your social media platforms to reach globally.


Shooting street-style video has its charm. It is a fun, lively, and engaging video. It adds a unique personality to your brand. You can ask questions about your product and capture the responses.

It shows your confidence and openness towards honest reviews. It builds your credibility among the audience. Vox-pops are short and free from any long stories; you can easily share these on different platforms. It will engage your customers and motivate them to try out your product.


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