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Promote your products through email marketing while communicating with prospective customers.


Optimize email messages to reach your goals

Marketing allows you to promote your product. It makes a pathway between you and your prospective customer. Recently, marketing has taken a shift from traditional to digital platforms. It’s much easier now to reach your customers and build positive relationships with your clients.Mail marketing is preferred due to the advantages it offers over other marketing strategies. It is a convenient and affordable way to promote your product. Your email will pop-up in your clients’ inbox to inform them of your product. You can build a greater audience for your product through email marketing.

Are you searching for a perfect email template? Plan Z is here to design your email marketing campaign. Our creative designers and content team will push the customer to read the email.

We are email marketing specialists. You can trust us with your work!

Global Service

We have worked in the global market and it has added to our experience. We offer to design your complete email marketing campaign include email templates, email automation service, A/B testing, and a lot more. We have worked with numerous organizations and shaped their email marketing campaigns as per their requests. We have also worked as reseller email marketing. Our clients admire our work. Our creative designers, innovative approach, supportive team, and technical experts make it possible to acquire a reputed position in the market.


Monthly Coding

Monthly, we code nearly 3000 templates. We have a professional expert team that creates email templates. Our creative team ponders over a single table and brings different and innovative ideas on the table. We mold the best out of it. We assure you that your work will be delivered within the specified time because we have 150+ experts who dedicate their full-time service to meet your needs.

Email Support

Handling a massive email program is tough without systematic operational support. Sending out numerous emails need an organized approach, quality assurance, and robust management. We will provide you a credible email support team that will manage your email. Hire our remote teams who will carry out your email operations efficiently without any hindrance. We value our clients work and it is our top priority. Our team reduces your burden and ensures perfection.


Email Automation

Email automation allows you to make a bigger impact. It also connects you with your current and potential customers. Email marketing allows you to standout in the crowd. Though numerous platforms are available that provide email automation but it requires in-depth technical knowledge. Our technical team understands the strategies of email marketing and automation service. We can handle system integration, email automation, management and maintenance of programs, etc. Our professionals will assist you to get the finest outcome through email automation.

Product Demonstration

Product demonstration is a guide for your customers. A video representing step-by-step method of using the product can be helpful to build your market. Product demonstration contribute to increasing the sales of product. It gives a direct experience of product usage, also talk about its details. Product demos combined with dynamic graphics and quality video leaves your mark on your potential customers.


Remote Team

Email marketing requires a lot of resources. It is impossible to handle it without technical team support. The supportive team must have the latest knowledge and trainings. Plan Z will take care of your email marketing services on your behalf. Now don’t worry about the latest resources and instructions. We have skilled professionals who receive continuous trainings to stay updated. Once we grasp your requirements, we will form a remote team who will expertly handle your email marketing setup.

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