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welcome you to our team

We help analyze, shape and transform business models

We have been working with businesses on solutions rather than short term projects. We believe in refining the processes and streamlining issues to ensure smoother workflows and would appreciate any feedback from your end in this regard.

Project Management Tools

We use project management tools like Trello, Clickup & MeisterTask to orgranize internally and would suggest you brush up your skills. We would debrief you during orientation and explain the nitty grittys.


We are always open to feedback and in process of constant improvements to our work and services, so feel free to provide your input on how we can work better!

Available 24/7?

We try our best to keep your communications limited to working hours; i.e 10am to 7pm on weekdays and 10am to 1pm on Saturday. We want you to spend Sunday with your families just like us. 🙂 We may contact you only if it’s urgent and crucial.

Real-time communication

We believe in instant connectivity and use Slack for real-time professional communication.

My Work Email?

Our IT team would assign you a work email, which would be used to access any company tools and softwares. Please ensure you have a work email ASAP.


Use the following settings to set it up on any mail client on PC or phone manually.


Email: Same as provided
Username: Same as email
Password: Same as provided
Incoming (IMAP access) Server:
imap.hostinger.com Port – 993
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server:
smtp.hostinger.com – Port 587

DNS MX record

5 mx1.hostinger.com

10 mx2.hostinger.com
Webmail address
Incoming (POP3 access)
serverpop.hostinger.com 995 

Slack - Avoid Whatsapp as much as possible!

We would send Slack invite to your work email, we discourage using personal whatsapp or casual medium of communication regarding any work related stuff.

Entry card for office?

You would have to fill this form online and provide a copy of CNIC and 2 passport size photographs to get your entry card issued. Follow the link below:

ClickUp - Manage your workflow and tasks successfully

We have perfected the process over the years, but you can always pitch in and improve it. We use project management tools with you so that you can see the content we have planned for future, once you get done with it, you update it – the tasks would be forwarded to the relevant teams.
We use ClickUp as our primary tool for project management, you would have an invite on your new work email, kindly signup and start recording your work – as the saying goes: “If it’s not on Clickup, it’s not done”. So ensure all tasks are properly documented on Clickup.

Our OneDrive

We backup all our clients’ data on Onedrive as well as offline*. We will give you access to our OneDrive as soon as your work email is setup.

Follow our Social Media handles

You can stay updated with latest news and reports from Plan Z by following our social media channels. You may scroll down to footer to see individual links.

Constant Reviews & Feedbacks

We have a townhall meeting every month to review our work and discuss how it can be improved. Your presence would be required in the meetings and we would update you when it takes place.

Work From Home?

We do allow WFH policy, but it’s based on the sensitivity of current project you may be working on, so ask your line manager before doing so.

Code of Conduct?

You can go through our code of conduct on this link, you may get back to us if there are any confusions or misunderstandings.

Thankyou for joining the Creative Superheroes.

We believe you’re recognized by the circle you keep, we’re proud to be partners with some of the top brands and startups across Pakistan, USA, Germany and UAE – which has enabled us to support several NGOs and causes over the years, letting us play our part in serving back through our subsidiary – PLAN X.

I have a few questions?

You can call/message us anytime to clear any queries you might have. We would love to answer all questions – no question can be stupid in our eyes.
Contact us at [email protected] or call us directly at +92 335 5575269.

Employee Referral Program

We would love to hear from you if you have recommendations for other open positions on our website.

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