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UX Consultancy

We’ll help you develop products that your customers truly want to use, through consulting, design, prototyping and product validation.

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Launch new products the smart way

We’ll help you validate concepts and realize your product with rapid, low-cost prototyping. We provide user acceptance testing, to gain feedback that helps you shape your idea, prioritize features, create a product roadmap – and successfully launch.

Boost business efficiency

Plan Z analyses users, workflows, and experience gaps that hamper enterprise efficiency. We then define the best way to address issues, rethink your current user experiences or create brand new ones, which we later test and refine.

Boost user satisfaction and loyalty

The appealing visual design drives people in, but usability is what makes engaged and loyal customers. We conduct rigorous user analysis, so we can empathize with user pain points and build the products your customers really want.

Embrace emerging technologies

For artistic experimentation, we will help you promote the perfect atmosphere. In order to help you construct extraordinary human interactions, Plan Z blends the influence of new technology with design thinking.

Make UX your brand differentiator

User experience might be one of the most important difference between you and your competitors. It’s often more significant to consumers than price or product. Plan Z smart design can help your business stand out among the fierce competition, so you can build real brand loyalty.

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What We Do?

User research

We research your business problem and domain, arrange a series of interviews, workshops, and field studies with stakeholders and users – to understand business goals and your customer's needs.

Customer journey mapping

By analysing customer journeys, we can define the interactions that will provide the richest user experience. We walk in your customers’ shoes, to understand their pain points and help you tailor your service to their needs – both expressed and hidden.

UX workshops

Our clients and their stakeholders can offer a wealth of knowledge in the initial phase of a project. We actively engage all key stakeholders, to participate in workshops that help us understand needs, define goals and heed all points of view.

Sketching and wireframing

Early on, we demonstrate our understanding in material form, for better visibility, inclusion, engagement and discussion. We start with sketches on the board which then translate into wireframes and, finally, the polished mockups.

Rapid prototyping

Fixing a prototype is always cheaper than rewriting production code. So, to ensure our design will work, we create interactive mockups – ranging from simple click-throughs to complex logic simulations.

User testing

We validate all decisions with our clients and their users. Our user experience consulting includes user-testing: conducted before a final decision is reached. We might test prototypes, arrange A/B testing and employ app analytics – whatever it takes to gather the feedback and improve.

Art direction and visual design

We help our partners establish an all-encompassing brand experience. Our systems help to deliver your KPIs and facilitate changes to user behavior, employee culture, and partner relations.

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